Car Detailing Could Last More Than Two Years

When getting a good car detailing, the results can last for approximately 2 years, even some customers have already been close to 3 years. But you should do maintenance every 6 months or feel it is necessary. For full detailing, you should make sure that the service you choose performs in its entirety including the exterior, interior, engine area, undercarriage (under the car), and each part is done through several stages. Therefore it is important to ensure the quality of the removing water marks on car detailer services before carrying out maintenance to make sure your car gets the best car detailing service.

While treatment and special treatment after the detailing process, several aspects need to be considered. First, park the car location that is not directly exposed to the sun and rain. Then wash the vehicle when it’s cold or before driving, don’t wash it under direct sunlight. The correct way to wash is to use a running water hose, while rinsing with bare hands then rubbed slowly, do not press it. After that, dry with a cloth or a towel and a quality microfiber cloth. On another note, avoid parking the car under a tree that has sap because it can cause permanent defects on the surface of the paint.

The difference in treatment between ordinary cars and supercars (exotic cars) is certainly very significant. If you look at the body design of the supercar has a large aerodynamic side, many folds, and angled parts. So the level of work is more difficult, requires concentration, and takes a longer working time than ordinary cars. The security of the detailing equipment on the surface of the car’s paint depends on who uses it. Preferably, choose a professional car detailing workshop that can be marked from how long they have been established, also the level of complaints or customer satisfaction at the workshop concerned.
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