These Are 3 Components Of Information Technology

As a series of activities planning, organizing, directing, supervising, and controlling work, office management must run automatically and orderly. For this reason, a computer with various software and information technology-based systems is needed. Information handling in the past that relied on paper has now shifted to the use of technology with a larger capacity, even though the need for paper remains. Apart from that, you might visit if you need trustworthy experts to assist you when you face IT problems.

The definition of information technology itself is more or less the acquisition, processing, storage, and dissemination of information in the form of numbers, letters, images, and voice using electronic devices based on computation (computing) and long-distance communication (telecommunications).

There are three main components of information technology, namely computers, microelectronics, and telecommunications

1. Computer

2. Micro-electronics, namely the application and production of electronic equipment with a very small size and consisting of complex components.

3. Telecommunication or information transmission via cable or radio waves

Information can not only be sent in the form of words and codes as can be done by telephone and telegram, but can be sent in the form of writing, numbers, or pictures. Thanks to advances in information technology, now the types of communication included in telecommunications are increasing in number.