Organic Gardening At Home, Come On!

Increasing food prices amidst the pandemic which is not resolved is another problem that is currently present. How come? Many people lose their income, besides that many people do not have more income at this time. That is why people choose to do organic planting at home because apart from the low price, the gardening method is easy and the seeds can be easily obtained from. To meet the need for fertilizer is also relatively easy, namely using the remaining vegetables and rice and fruit skins. It only takes a special storage place in the form of vat as a composter in which two layers are arranged, the upper layer is for waste while the bottom is to accommodate the remaining water from the waste juice click this.

For those of you who like gardening or want to try organic gardening but don’t have a large area of ??land, why not start gardening in the yard? In addition to channeling your hobbies or completing your curiosity, you can use the results of your mini garden as healthy food for your family. You can also maintain the balance of the ecosystem in dense cities. Prepare the land area that will be used as planting beds. If your land area does not allow for making beds, you can plant in polybags or pots. Also, make sure the growing media you use is fertile. Prepare the soil, rice husks, and animal manure as a planting medium. Prepare the vegetable seeds that you will plant. Leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, mustard greens, and pakchoi are easy to cultivate. You can also plant tomatoes and chilies to increase the variety of fruit types.

If you have obtained non-GMO plant seeds, sow the seeds in a seed tray filled with planting media. Make the shape of several lines to place the seeds, cover with planting medium. Flush with a water sprayer. When the seeds have germinated, move to small polybags and place them in a shaded area that still gets sunlight. Perform maintenance on plants that have become seeds. After 5-6 days, transfer the seeds to larger polybags or plant beds in your home area. Maintenance is an important thing that must be done so that plants can grow the way they want. Water the plant 1-2 times a day (morning and evening) to keep the planting medium moist. Give the fermented organic fertilizer periodically.