Removing Stubborn Stains From Rug

Many use rugs in a room for many reasons. Rugs could beautify the room, protect the floor, and many more. However, to keep it clean is not easy especially when there is a stubborn stain that needs professional cleaning from carpet cleaners in my area service. Bloodstains, both wet and dry, are difficult to remove from favorite rugs. According to cleaning experts, blood stains are just as stubborn as coffee spills or hard-to-clean syrups. Although difficult, blood stains can be removed by applying certain methods. However, there are effective ways to clean blood stains, depending on the cleaner you have at home.

The first method recommended is to use detergent. If the stain has dried, scrub it with a soft brush to make it easier to remove. Then, prepare the ingredients to make a stain removal formula. Mix one tablespoon of fragrance-free dishwashing liquid detergent with two cups of cold water. Dip a clean white cloth in the solution, then wipe it over the stained area of the rug. Keep wiping and repeating until the stain is absorbed. If the stains remain, mix one tablespoon of ammonia (not mixed with chlorine) with half a glass of warm water. Scrub the stain with the solution and wipe until the liquid is absorbed. Then with a cold water rinse it and pat it dry.

The second way is to use hydrogen peroxide. However, try it on the inside of the rug first to make sure it doesn’t change the color of the rug. If it’s guaranteed safe, dip a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and gently dab it on the stain. The third way is to use a special stain cleaner. This is an option for those who are too busy to make their cleaning formula. To do this, simply dissolve the cleaning product with warm water, according to the instructions on the package. Pour the solution on the stained area, leave for five minutes, then wipe with a dry cloth and the stain will disappear immediately. Coffee stains, syrups, and pet dung stains can be similar.

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