Company Owners Must Know These Things Before Moving Their Businesses To New Locations

When you want to move to a new office building, remove utility services and back up old files. Don’t forget to provide information for the electricity, water, telephone, internet and other companies that your company will move so that you won’t be billed after you move to the new office. Then don’t forget to back up old important files. This is done to anticipate the loss of these files due to damage to the computer or IT system during the transfer. So don’t forget to back it up! Additionally, you can also hire the Door to door cargo Dubai if you need to move your office to a building in Pakistan.

One week before moving your office, you know what items need to be brought and installed in the new office. For example, you have to start hiring a team or tell the provider to install internet and telephone services so that the business can start immediately as soon as you enter the new office. But if your company can install it yourself, make sure that you have communicated internally to find out who will be responsible for this.

If you already have access to the new office location, it is better if you do a survey first, such as making sure there are no hanging cables or lights that don’t turn on. After that, double-check when the moving goods service company will come, who should be at the destination, and who has to be on guard at the old office to handover the old office to the building manager in the old office.

If there are items that are susceptible to damage, make sure that you have labeled them with special marks. Then using an inventory list, collect all employee access cards. Make sure that all of these cards have been deactivated and disposed of properly so there is no abuse by unwanted parties. Lastly, test all utilities in the new office. You don’t want to arrive at a new office without electricity or water. Double-check that the new office is complete with all the necessary utilities (electricity, water, telephone, internet, etc.). If there is a problem, solve it that day immediately so that the transfer to the next day can run smoothly.