Meal Type: Which One is Best for You?

balanced mealThere are many types of meal that you can prepare, depending on one’s nutrient requirements. People nowadays are more health conscious than before. They make note of what they eat. What with the many illnesses that is going on around you, it is indeed alarming that most of these sickness was brought about the type of lifestyle you are leading.

While human beings are unique in their own way, the amount of stress from work and school that you through is different from that of your colleague or your neighbor. As such, it would great if there is some way where you could determine what would be the right meal type for you. Here are some of the most common types of meal that an individual should have depending on the type of things he does every day:

Meal for Working People who Spends Most of their time Sitting. These types of working people are those that come in during the day and spend their time working over computers, accomplish paper works and other stuff in the office. The only time that they would stand from their desk is when they have to make that short trip to the restroom, make coffee in the pantry or called at the boss’ office.

These types of people will benefit from having a meal that is mostly composed of protein like meat and sea products. This way, the carbohydrate does not accumulate in the body, which can later on converted into and stored as fat for future use.

Meal for Working People who Spends Most of their working time outdoors and walks a lot. These are the liaison, messengers, mail men, gym trainers as well as personal assistants. They do quite a lot of running here and there and would benefit in sitting down and eating a full meal. Most of the time, these types of people don’t have much time to eat a proper meal without having to think of an errand for the day that they have to make. In addition, those that burn a lot of the food they eat like gym trainers through physical exercise will need to replenish what they lost from accomplishing their daily task.

Meal for Students. Students’ activities vary. They can be found sitting in classrooms, listening and participating in class discussion, taking an examination or outdoor having their daily practice of school-related activities. A balanced meal would be the best one to give to students. They use varied centers of the brain for solving and answering mathematical problems and reciting in class. They also expend their energy in outdoor school activities. As such, a combination of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals are needed to achieve optimum function of the individual.

Senior Citizens. The elderly spends most of their time in lounging around in the house, playing their favorite game with a friend which varies from chess to crossword puzzles. If they will spend time outdoors, you can see them busy with gardening or running to the grocery store for a short list of groceries they need at home. Not much is needed for their daily energy expenditures. In addition, the elderly, as part of the aging process has a slower metabolism compared to the younger adults.

Determine the Exercise that is Right for You

right exerciseThe exercise had been proven to be beneficial for the human body. However, there are instances that when people wanted to lose weight, they get overzealous in doing the exercise, to the point that they are doing more bad than good. How can one determine if a particular exercise is good for one’s body? Here’s how:

Exercise that is readily available. When looking for an appropriate exercise for your body, you need to look at the possibility of not being able to go to the gym in some situations. As such, it is vital to get an exercise program that you can also do in the comforts of your home.

Look for an exercise that doesn’t have to be done outdoors. This is especially true for people living in unpredictable climates. If you only do jogging outside before going to work, this may not be possible when it’s raining or its very cold. Thus, it would be best to enroll in an exercise program that you can do inside no matter what the weather is.

Do you enjoy the exercise. Some people need an exercise that they are passionate about. For instance, if you like dancing, then a form of exercise that borders on dancing would be right for you. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who doesn’t like loud music and prefers silence to concentrate, then yoga may be the appropriate exercise program for you.

Do not get stuck in one form of exercise. Integrating a variety in exercise would prevent you from getting bored. Schedule the exercise in alternate days so as to enhance familiarity with each exercise type.

Choose an exercise that is good for your body. Depending on your health status and other conditions, there may be some exercise that will not be advisable for you. If you have acute asthma, jogging outside is an option because of the pollen that you can inhale and trigger an asthma attack. If you are unsure, it is always better to consult your physician.

Encourage or enroll in an exercise class with friends. Spending time with friends while doing exercise will increase the bond of friendship. If this is not possible, enrolling in an exercise class with your partner is the next best thing. Support for each other will be readily available whenever needed.

Determination is indeed an important factor with getting on exercise program, but excessive enthusiasm may not do you good. When you have chosen your exercise program together with an alternate one, vary the intensity from mild, moderate to aggressive in an increasing pace. This way, the muscles that are not used to doing exercise will not suffer from contracture or ligament injuries. You would want to improve on your health, so it is wise to move slowly but surely.

Some individuals may require a personal trainer when enrolled in an exercise program. There are instances that a partner is not available to push and motivate the individual, such that it is imperative to have a trainer by your side every time you attend your exercise class.

Care about germs? This might make you think about it


I must admit, I probably think a little too much about this stuff, but it’s fairly important. Did you know bathrooms have less germs than kitchens? I found that out researching some information for this post, quite interesting.

The only reason I’m actually bringing this topic up was because I just purchased some new bathroom blinds and noticed how utterly disgusting the old ones were, they were never washed before and actually slightly rusted, I was told my previous blinds weren’t moisture resistant.

Here’s some places you may find germs in your bathroom:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Surfaces
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Blinds

Ok lets move on, that’s kind of a waste of time, the basic answer is everywhere in your bathroom. It’s covered in them!

What’s really interesting is ways to stop the germs spreading so much in your bathroom, here’s what I’ve found:

  • Put the lid down on the toilet before flushing (I thought that was obvious but apparently not everyone does it)
  • Don’t share toothbrushes
  • Make sure everyone has their own towels for everything
  • Once every couple weeks make sure to scrub the inside of the toilet bowl
  • Let the shower run for about 20-30 seconds before getting in to let the germs flush
  • And obviously, scrub everything clean – Showers, bathtubs, blinds, countertops, etc

It’s inevitable that things will start to get germs on them, these stunning waterproof blinds I’ve just purchased will no doubt get covered in germs again. But the benefit is I’ve anticipated it, took precautions to make sure germs spread as much, and they’re moisture resistant blinds meaning I can just wipe it clean easily.

Oh and if you’re interested, here’s what they look like:


They’re technically Shutters, not blinds, but I think they’re really just the same thing. They’re made from a faux wood, looks great and is wipe clean.

Don’t get too OCD about the whole germs thing, just take some precautions and make sure to clean your bathroom. My blinds were never cleaned before so I don’t want to imagine how many germs were on them.

How to Run Properly

Hey all, haven’t posted in a while been busy with… well life.

Came across this interesting video today about running technique called ‘Good Form Running’.

Here’s the YouTube video:

For anyone interested, it’s all about how to run properly to make it easier on your body and joints. I’ve been playing around with some practice drills and it seems quite efficient, will see how it works in the real world.

And for all you older people, it’s never to late to start running:



Source: BBC News

Can window blinds be good for your health?

Sounds silly doesn’t it? According to a blinds chester provider we spoke to, Harriets Blinds Chester, window blinds in certain circumstances can be good for your health. Here’s a few of these circumstances:

  • Window blinds can have UV protection
  • Window blinds and Shutters can make you feel more secure in your home
  • You can choose a clean fabric that doesn’t hold diseases

Overall, window blinds are available with options that can be good for your health. That’s not to say they’ll make you more healthy, so don’t go out there and buy new blinds then complain to us that you haven’t lost any weight, haha. But there are a few options that may help retain your health. UV protection is important because UV rays can cause damaging affects such as skin cancer.

If you’re purchasing window blinds online, you may struggle to get options like the ones listed above. That’s because they’re not a popular products, therefore it’s not worth selling online for these companies.

All we can suggest if you’re looking to purchase window blinds with special health benefits, e.g. UV protection, is call a local window blind company. If you’re based in chester, we recommend:

Hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment if you have any other questions.

Caring for dementia in your home

Caring for dementia in your own home can be done through a service such as home care peterborough. This is where a home care specialist will come to your home to take care of someone suffering from dementia. These services may be:

  • Help doing general household chores
  • Assistance with shopping
  • Help with getting out of bed in the morning
  • And any other general help you may need around the house

A carer for dementia can be around part time to give you or your family a break, daily visits during the day, or a new type of home care called “live in care”, where a carer will live in your home with you.

You can learn more about live in care and dementia care services here.

Hope that answers all of your questions about caring for dementia care from the comfort of your own home.


How a carer can make your life easier

How do you live at the moment?

Do you care for a family member or friend? Are you constantly under stress to do the household chores? Is general activities such as getting out of bed or going shopping becoming difficult for you?

Well these are all things that a home carer can do for you.

There is a common myth that care is only for people with disabilities, diseases, or people in old age. This couldn’t be further from the truth in these modern times. Now care at home is perfect for people of any age. Young people that would like some help around the house, families that would like extra support running the household, older people that need help getting up in the morning, or people suffering from disabilities or diseases that need a bit more than the standard help.

All of it is available with a relatively new service called home care.

To learn more about what a carer can do for you, read this page: